For more than 35 years, Gospel Tracts International has been printing and mailing tracts to mission points around the world. This work is overseen by the Elders of the Baldwin church of Christ in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Bobby Dockery, pulpit minister for the Baldwin church, serves as Director of Gospel Tracts International. Randall Caselman, preacher for the Bella Vista, Arkansas Church of Christ donates his services to raise funds for the work. Robb Hadley of the Center Street Church of Christ works with the Tract Ministry one day each week.

Gospel Tracts International sends materials directly to missionaries and churches in over 60 countries. Tracts and World Bible School lessons are also provided to Bible correspondence teachers for use with their students. We also provide tracts for distribution in hospital visitation and prison ministry. Approximately two million tracts are printed each year at an average cost of 5¢ per tract, including the cost of paper, printing, and shipping! In all, more than 44,000,000 tracts have been printed to date in a dozen different languages—many written by missionaries and native evangelists. Tracts are currently available in English, Russian, Telegu, Tagalog, Romanian, French, Spanish and several African dialects.

The work of Gospel Tracts International is made possible by the combined efforts of many volunteers from churches throughout Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. All tract folding and stapling is done by volunteers. Volunteers gather each Thursday at the Baldwin church building to assemble, insert, collate, staple, trim, count and package tracts for mailing. A number of congregations pick up tracts by the thousands to fold and staple before returning them to Baldwin for further processing.

Typical of the reports which come from the mission field is this excerpt from a letter by a young Nigerian evangelist: “My heart is full of thanks for your help in spreading the Gospel down here. The tracts and other materials I used judiciously in the work of preaching during my two week assignment in Edo state…With the help of your materials six (6) people obeyed the Gospel and were baptized.”

That story can be multiplied by hundreds more coming from all parts of the world.